Our location, in the most beautiful area of Transylvania, allows you to discover more of this beautiful country.

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More than just accomodation

At Saxon’s Barn you will discover that each room tells a story and is unique in its own way. We tried to recreate the atmosphere of a Romanian Saxon house and we used decorations from the traditional households. Each bathroom is personalized with old objects from that period. You will gladly discover the old heating stove and the stone sink and you will feel you’ve travelled into time. 

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All the facilities at Saxon’s Barn were especially designed for you and your family or friends to have the most beautiful vacation you can have in the heart of Transylvania. From the spacious living room where you can gather around the generous table, to the terrace prepared for barbecue and the spacious backyard, everything creates a warm and cosy feeling, for your ideal carefree holiday.

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Discover Șura Sasului

The Saxon’s Barn was a dream and an ambition on which we’ve invested heart and soul. For the last couple of years we’ve been working on this beautiful project in the village of Amânaș, Sibiu: the transformation of Saxonian barn into a touristic facility.
Now you can enjoy the results in a relaxing holiday, far away from the nosy and populated city!

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Welcome to Șura Sasului!

The authentic saxonian experience

Originally built in the early 20th century, the barn served the property of a wealthy Saxon. After 100 years, only the barn remained, the house being demolished during the communist period.

After two years of renovations, we managed to keep and consolidate the initial resistance structure and create a beautiful 4-bedroom holiday inn, each with private bathrooms and a generous living room, ideal for long family evenings.

Discover Romania

Our location is ideal for adventure seekers. Only a couple of miles away you can find:

Sibiu &
Astra Musem

Bâlea Lake

CIndrel Peak


Sibiu salt mines

and many more…

You have the entire house for yourself

We rent only the entire Saxon’s Barn. Thus, our guests have access to all 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms and can enjoy freely the generous living room, together with the closest friends.

Prices start at: 600 for 3 nights

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Ideal place for you and your family

What our customers say

„We enjoyed a beautiful, relaxing vacation just like we wanted at Șura Sasului. We will definitely return next year!”

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