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Our location, in the most beautiful area of Transylvania, allows you to discover more of this beautiful country.

History of the Romanian Saxons

The Saxons came from the Rhine and Moselle regions of Northern Europe–most from the German state of Saxony. They arrived in Transylvania–“land between the forests” in the mid-1100s, invited by the ruler of this Romanian land. They stayed in this hilly region for 850 years and named their lands Siebenburgen after the seven fortress cities they built to protect themselves and their towns. Over the centuries, the Saxons and their descendants not only farmed and protected the fertile lands between the forested Carpathian Mountains, but formed guilds and became wealthy traders. Respected for their skills and talents, the Saxons gained a degree of freedom previously unheard of in medieval Europe. In their adopted homeland, any Saxon could move up in society based on merit.

Today, nearly two hundred of their citadels stand in Romania as a tribute to their skills and courage. Their fortifications usually encircled churches, villages, peasant refuges, or military outposts. In southern Transylvania, their fortresses dot the countryside, mere minutes or, at most, a few hours apart.

Near Saxon’s Barn

Discover the fascinating Sibiu (the old Hermannstadt)
Just half an hour away from Saxon’s Barn, the city of Sibiu is waiting for you. A city that no longer needs any presentation and that delights tourists all year round.

Museums, markets, history and tales, all in one city. And the Christmas Market is just as famous as its Viennese counterpart.

Discover Transylvania
Discover the wild Transylvania about which not enough stories have been written yet. With its breath-taking landscapes, rich history, mouth-watering dishes – all waiting to be discovered.
The lake Bâlea, the Bâlea Waterfall, the St. Michael Fortified Church from Cisnădioara, Alba Iulia Fortress, Pălținiș, Transalpina and many other objectives can be easily visited starting from Amnaș.